Barry has a shocked expression and says, "Dude, what happened?" Terry face is puzzled as she exclaims, "Like where are we?" Larry couldn't be more excited with his fingers on his trembling lips as he says, "I'm not sure, but there's food... Looking past Larry, Barry and Terry, the viewer can finally see what they see. It's a magical place where with all the trees and bushes covered in candies, chips, cookies and pastries. All three raccoons exclaim, "EVERYWHERE" Barry's happily smiling as he tosses gum drops in his mouth saying, "This place is AMAZING... the flowers have gumdrops. In the next panel Terry is on her tippy toes reaching for something in the trees. Terry says, "And the trees have Lava Brownies. Larry can't believe his eyes as he reaches for a bush saying, "Banditos, there... there.... in the bushes!" Close up of Barry smiling and eating while saying "Everything..." Terry's eyes are closed in full enjoyment chewing her favorite snack and says, "Here.." Larry has the same grin on his face s he exclaims, "is..." Delicious