Barry Raccoon

Barry is the youngest sibling of the Striped Bandits, and some may say the dumbest. Barry is usually calm and easy going, but he has a short fuse and may go a little crazy.



Detective Raccoon

Detective Raccoon is the main character in Barry's favorite TV show. By the end of every episode, Detective Raccoon solves the case and always kisses teh girl.


Kevin is the Bandits annoying neighbor who is constantly showing up uninvited asking them to play outside. He's usually happy, joyful, nice, and extremely bad at taking the hint that he's not wanted.

Larry Raccoon

Larry is the oldest brother in the group and the unappointed leader of the Striped Bandits. He's high energy, easily distracted and has an intense love for Banditos.

Terry Raccoon

Terry is the sister of Larry and Barry, and is known for her snarky, dry personality. She is the self proclaimed smartest person she knows. Terry loves school, science and even more Lava Brownies.