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Published On: August 7, 2023

Doing Research.

Below is a written synopsis of Striped Bandits Web Comic Episode 31.


Panel 1

Larry throwing his head up in disgust exclaims, “UGH, Just when you thought this day couldn’t get any worse.”

Barry’s frantically looking around as he says, “Dude, Where is he?”

Terry snarly says, “How’s he even know where we are?”


Panel 2

Kevin interjects, “You’re always here but....”


Panel 3

Kevin shrugs his shoulders saying, ‘Lately you’ve been in that dumpster.”

Terry looking innocently says, "Like, we're not always in a dumpster."


Panel 4

Larry pointing to Kevin questions him, “Ummmm, What brings you here today Kevin?”


Panel 5

Kevin happily holding a yellow piece of paper responds. “I stopped by to see if you came up with any ideas.”


Panel 6

Under her breath Terry says, “Idea for what, How to find a better neighbor?”



Panel 7

Kevin responds, “No, ideas for finding a Frozino.

Barry leaning on the cooler of goodness says, “Dude, we’re doing research.”


Panel 8

Kevin fire’s back at Barry, “Looks like you’re just watching Television.”


Panel 9

Barry looking at his TV remote says. “or doing research Dude!”

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