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Published On: July 10, 2023

Frozino Hypothesis !

Striped Bandits Web Comic Episode 27 synopsis.

Kevin looking confused says, "A Frozino, REALLY? Why would you want one of those?


Pull away shot to see Kevin looking up to Terry and says, "They're Garbage."


Terry looking completely disgusted fires back, "I knew it! Too dumb to understand."


Puzzled, Kevin looks up at Terry and says, "Understand what?"


Terry leans over and out of the dumpster screaming at Kevin, "We're testing our hypothesis." as she shoves her scientific research papers in his face. Kevin shockingly asks, "Okay, What hypothesis?"


Terry in a lab coat with medical gloves on calmly states, "The Frozino hypothesis states that, No three raccoons can experience the same vision state at the same time.


Terry in her lab coat continues explaining, "Therefore deducing the the Frozino is a secret portal to Deliciousville. One sip of a Frozino teleports you to a place where all the greatest food is free for the taking!"

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