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Published On: May 8, 2023

It’s FISH !

Below are the steps it took to creating this week's episode.

Penciling is the first step in creating the art for the comic. In this stage I take my thumbnails made during the writing page and flesh them out to tell the story. This is the stage where all the major story telling decisions are made, from camera angles to facial expressions. I also design the panels around the word balloons to make sure important storytelling parts of the panel do not get covered up.


Inking is next in the process and I'm now inking this comic digitally using the iPad and Procreate. I switched from inking traditionally with issue 4 to save time scanning and cleaning up the scans. My digital inks are not as good as my traditional inks, but the time saved is worth the slightly less visually pleasing ink line.


I also color the pages digitally using the iPad and Procreate. Issue 4 is the first issue in this book series to be fully colored as I originally intended it to be a black and white comic. Lettering is also done on the iPad and is done "traditionally", which is drawing and inking the lettering by hand on the iPad instead of using a computer font.




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