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Published On: June 26, 2023


Below is a panel by panel breakdown of this week's Striped Bandits Web Comic Episode 25.

Panel One. In this panel Larry is moving a bush aside will shouting, "Ta-Da!", as his face oozes confidence. Barry's in the foreground and says to Larry, "Dude, there's nothing there".


Panel Two. Larry's eyes are bulging out as he exclaims, "Ummm, WHAT, wait a...."


Panel Three. Larry sticks his nose in the air and Sniffs the breeze.


Panel Four. Larry's excited and throws his arm in the air as he happily screams, "I got it".


Panel Five. Larry moves over and opens the bush next to the one he was just looking out and says, "That was the wrong bush.... Seven Twenty Three is right this way.". Terry and Barry are standing next to Larry doubting what he just said.


Panel Six. Close up of Barry with his arms held out showing his frustration as he screams, "Dude, that's literally the same bush!"


Panel Seven. Larry calmly and confidently says, "Ummm, No it's not."


Panel Eight. Close up of Larry's face enduringly stating, " We're here, take a look."


Panel 9. Letters exclaiming, "I....I...Don't BELIEVE it!"

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