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Published On: July 17, 2023

Too dumb

Striped Bandits Web Comic episode 28 synopsis

Kevin leaning over the dumpster, looking somber says, "That makes no sense."

Terry is sitting inside the dumpster and rolls her eye's in response to Kevin says, "Like, that was the abbreviated version.

Terry grabs Kevin by the chest and starts to vigorously shake him screaming, "Maybe I have to dumb it down, so you can understand it!"

Kevin standing outside the dumpster free from Terry's clutches calmy shaking his head while he says, "No, I;m good. I get your hypothesis. It just seems, you were all on a sugar high and it made that garbage you were eating taste....”


Terry is very frustrated with Kevin and angrily screams, "why you imbicile, the science is PROVEN!"

Larry steps in and grabs Terry as she's lunging for Kevin and says, Whoa, whoa, calm down guys!"


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