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Published On: July 30, 2023

Watching TV.

Striped Bandits the Web Comic Episode 30 synopsis.


Panel 1

Barry's pointing to the Television as Larry says, "All right Barry, What's this great idea you have?" Barry excitingly exclaims, "Dudes it's simple, we just have to watch this guy. It's where every great idea comes from." Terry responds to Barry, "Interesting hypothesis, let's test it."


Panel 2

Barry's feverishly clicking the tv remote and is clearly bored as he says, "Dude's there's nothing good on today." Terry responds, "Like, this day is so lame?"


Panel 3

Larry scratching his head says' "Oh! we almost forgot. Barry you're supposed to be doing research not...."


Panel 4

Larry out of frustration says, "Watching Detective Raccoon."


Panel 5

Barry's entranced by the television glow and as he scarfs down popcorn says, "Dude it's the only good thing on."


Panel 6

Terry joins in stating, "This is an entertaining show Larry." Larry responds, "Come on, that show is soooo predictable."


Panel 7

Barry angrily stomps his foot yelling, "Dude, no it's not."


Panel 8

Larry starts to explain, "Um, in every episode Detective Raccoon has to solve a new case. He puts on a disguise and..."


Panel 9


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