What is a Webcomic?

Webcomics are a form of digital comics that are designed to be read on electronic devices such as computers, laptops, smartphones, or tablets. There are two common formats for displaying webcomics. The first is the traditional format, where the comic page is displayed as it would be read in a physical book, with panels arranged side by side “SideQuested”. The second format is the infinite scroll format, popularized by platforms like WebToons, where each panel is stacked vertically and readers can scroll down to view the entire comic. Some webcomics optimize their display for different devices, showing full-page comics on computers and laptops, while using the infinite scroll format on mobile devices. An example of this is the webcomic “Striped Bandits.”

Webcomic Publishing.

Webcomics for the most part are created by independent creators who own and control their own work. In as much it’s a great platform to release an idea or story into the world free or with minimum cost. Web Cartoonist have a multitude of free publishing platforms to choose from such as: Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, Reddit, X, Blogger. Each of these platforms have their own webcomic formatting requirements. The other option for webcomic publishing is through owning an independent website, in which the creator will pay for their own website hosting and website design. There are many option for the webcomic creator to consider when deciding which platforms to use when publishing their webcomic.

Each platform has it’s advantages and disadvantages, which need to be considered when deciding on the best publishing platform. Some advocates for using free Social Media Platforms is having access to large user bases and very little financial risk. While other creators prefer owning their publishing platforms, as it prevents them from loosing access to publish their comic if the material has been deemed inappropriate by that platform.

Freedom to Create Comics.

Cartoonist enjoy the freedom Webcomics provide them artistically as there are no “gatekeepers”. Gatekeepers that decide if the story or idea will appeal to a large audience.  Freedom to write the story you need to write. Freedom to draw the way you want to draw. Freedom to create comics that you want to read.

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